Application examples for the demolition of components and splitting of stones

Listed below are different possible ways on how to use BETONAMIT®, that helps you do demolition work much faster and easier.

The application is very simple:

  1. First you start with drilling boreholes.
  2. Then you mix the Demolition Grout BETONAMIT® with cold water and fill the boreholes with the mixture
  3. BETONAMIT® swells up and „explodes“ concrete, reinforced concrete, stone and rocks

To remove a concrete stair, concrete foundation or demolish components you will only need our BETONAMIT® and an agitator. A silent and vibration-free way with no need of heavy machinery, which prevents airbourne splinters.

Our explosion-free demolition agent is the ideal solution for application areas where you must avoid noise and agitation.

BETONAMIT® is the most powerful product in the market, it’s environmentally friendly due to natural components and it doesn’t need a license for explosives, a permit nor training.