When it comes to removing concrete foundations, it really gets down to business.

Remove concrete without special equipment or heavy machinery – thanks to BETONAMIT®.

If you have to remove a concrete foundation, you will quickly realize that concrete is extremely hard and durable; you have to used a lot of force when demolishing it. Taking into account the thickness of the concrete, there is sometimes no choice but to use heavy machinery.

Usually, several different tools have to be used; such as a pneumatic hammer, caulking hammer, flex, mini-excavators and more. Removing concrete is anything but easy.

Remove foundation with the help of BETONAMIT®

The chemical agent BETONAMIT® works almost silently, without vibrations (this is very important so that the building structure is not damaged) and it is environmentally friendly at the same time.

Workflow of BETONAMIT®

  • Frist drill holes with a diameter of 30 – 40 mm. The optimal distance to the boreholes should be approximately 10 times the borehole diameter. So at 30-40 cm. Make sure that the drill holes are clean and dry.
  • Add BETONAMIT® powder into the mixing container
  • Add 1 – 1.2 litre cold and clear water
  • Mix it well with the agitator into a flowable, homogenic mixture
  • Fill the borehole directly with the mixture. The processing time should not exceed 5 minutes. No additional mechanical closure is required.
  • Within a few hours of reaction the BETONAMIT® starts to expand, creating pressure, which grows and cracks apart anytype of stone and even reinforced concrete.

For special applications of over 40 mm it’s mandatory to consult the manufacturer.

Betonfundament entfernen, Beton entfernen
Removing a floor with a pneumatic hammer is tedious and loud. With BETONAMIT® you save time and money, have a much lower noise level and no need of machinery. And the best thing is BETONAMIT® continues to work at night while you sleep!
Drill holes
Put powder in the mixing container
Mit kalten, sauberen Wasser verrühren
Mix with cold, clean water
Pour the mixed mass into the drill holes
Pour the mixed mass into the drill holes