BETONAMIT anstatt Presslufthammer

BETONAMIT® is a high quality and reliable product. Year-round product (5ºC til 35ºC) and also usable under water.


Demolitions with hammer and chisel or with a pneumatic hammer are a thing of the past.

The only thing remaining are the memories of hammer chisel or the good old pneumatic hammer. Nowadays, BETONAMIT® is used for stone, rock and concrete demolitions. This chemical agent is not only universally applicable, but also very easy to use. It‘s also very safe to use and therefore ideally suited for do-it-yourselfers.

BETONAMIT® is environmentally friendly due to natural components – a certified natural product. To work with BETONAMIT® you don’t need a license, a explosive certificate nor anytype of permit. Here, in our online shop, you can order BETONAMIT® liquid (for vertical boreholes) or malleable (for horizontal boreholes). BETONAMIT® liquid is available in a bucket (5 kg) or in a box (20 kg). The malleable one is delivered in a 5 kg bucket.

Not sure which BETONAMIT® is right for you? Please contact us; we advise you professionally (free of charge for German and Austria calls).

Application area of demolition hammer with hammer and chisel

The demolotion hammer, also call it a chisel hammer, is either powered pneumatically or by combustion engine. A chisel hammer is used to tear open, break open or chisel foundations or ceilings; it‘s also used for other construction structures made of concrete and stone materials. In road construction, it‘s very often used for demolition work. The chisel hammer works with impacts creating loud noises while hitting on asphalt, concrete or solid natural rock. The most known demolition hammer is the pneumatically powered one.

Disadvantages of pneumatic hammer with flat or pointed chisel

A disadvantage is that the pneumatic hammer with pointed/flat chisel is less suitable. Even if demolition work (or removal of material) inside a building can be done by do-it-yourselfers, it should not be carried out with a pneumatic hammer.

This is because the structure of the building can be damaged by the very high impact force of it. Therefore, working with a pneumatic hammer cannot be recommended. On top of that, the weight of the machine allows mostly perpendicular work to the floor. Depending on the design and size, horizontal work is hardly even possible.

Not to mention, the high level of noise and the risk of being injured by flying splinters while working. It is also important to wear hearing protection and safety glasses when working with the pneumatic hammer.

BETONAMIT® is an all-rounder for demolition work

Do you also ask yourself the question: „How can I crush concrete?“ or „Can I blow up concrete without an explosion?“. Very clear answer to this: Yes, you can – with BETONAMIT®.

No matter if it’s a concrete/stone demolition or stone quarying, with BETONAMIT® you have a wide range of applications. Other applications are the removal of concrete stairs, ledges or boulders and, also, the splitting of natural rock. You can also use BETONAMIT® for excavation work or on rocky surfaces. Not only do-it-yourselfers swear by BETONAMIT®. It is also used in tiling, plumbing, underground construction, agriculture, civil engineering, in tunnel construction and landscaping. Time-consuming work with the pneumatic hammer for hours or days is no longer necessary with BETONAMIT®. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and ensures targeted demolition through predictable crack formation.

From now on, only work vibration-free and silently. Save time and money and order BETONAMIT® in our online shop.